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Discover Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra Dreamy Wedding Venues

An exhilarating and exquisite country filled with sparkling beaches, picturesque hills, stunning mountain scenery, and charming culture-rich towns, Portugal is abundant in beauty.

As Portugal’s elite destination wedding designers, Sublime Luxury Weddings shares below Portugal best wedding venues– in and around Lisbon, including the ocean-front Cascais and the fairy-tale mountains hidden treasure that is Sintra. These are superb locations to exchange vows in wedded bliss and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime cultural adventure.


The most charismatic city in the world, Lisbon is fondly known as The City of Fado and Lights. With more than 320 days of sunshine, sunlight playfully dances off ornate architecture, cobbled streets, and the sparkling waters of Lisbon. As the second oldest city in Europe, history has made a fashionable mark ideal for unique photographs and custom wedding illustrations. 

top wedding venues in Lisbon

Palácio Marquês da Fronteira

Palácio de Queluz

Pousada de Lisboa

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

Lisbon offers a number of romantic venues for your destination wedding in Portugal. Castles such as Castelo de S. Jorge, and palaces including Palácio Fronteira and Palácio Conde D’Óbidos are majestic locations with incredible splendor and history.  The ruins at Convento do Carmo are also visually alluring.  Weddings in these locations create a bewitching ambiance and devastatingly beautiful photographs.

Palácio Marquês de Fronteira, or Palácio Fronteira, is one of the most beautiful 17th century monuments in Lisbon. It holds the largest collection of 17th-century “azulejos” (Portuguese tiles) preserved in situ. The Palace is an ancient manor house which is preserved in a form very close to its original design. Palácio Fronteira is a national monument, and until today it still serves as the residence of the family Mascarenhas who initially built the palace in 1670.

Navigating twenty minutes North of Lisbon, you will find a magnificent Royal Palace – Palácio de Queluz. Known as the Portuguese Versailles, it dazzles all who visit it. The Palace reflects the evolution over different periods, from Baroque to the Rococo onto Neoclassicism.

This fabulous Royal Palace, who hosted three generations of Portuguese royals, is surrounded by exquisite inviting gardens, where once the court organized sumptuous parties, including gondola trips along the canal, theatre, musical and literary performances, masked balls, games and open-air recitals. Palácio de Queluz and its magnificent, full of history gardens whisk you to a dreamlike scenario, surrounded by waterfalls and delicate water games. 

More and more often, we have engagement photos being taken in this fairy-tale palace, and equally fairy-tale, sumptuous weddings are taking place in its premises.

Vibrant and striking, Lisbon marries old-world charm with fresh modernism for a lively and exciting atmosphere. Suitable for all ages and tastes, couples who love culture and history, fiesta nightlife, or an epicurean escape will relish in the extraordinary diversity of Lisbon.  Sailing lovers have found extra happiness in Lisbon!

Lisbon has been reinventing its traditional cuisine and entertainment with a cultured and worldly flair. Classic dishes from tascas and tabernas are being transformed into enticing entrees by gastronomy chefs throughout Lisbon’s downtown and affluent neighborhoods. Indulge in tapas and wine while being serenaded by melodic fado music; creating an iconic evening for you and your guests. Flamenco dancing, tango, and lively urban art are fabulous, unforgettable experiences.

The Pousada de Lisboa is right in the center of the gorgeous Praça do Comércio, overlooking the river Tejo. It’s dazzling arcades are perfect for strolling and falling even more in love.

Sumptuous accommodations at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon will expertly pamper you for your wedding day. With Michelin star cuisine, pristine architecture, and unmatched hospitality, couples are flocking to Lisbon for its deep cultural roots and impeccable offerings. After an incredible make-over in 2020, the Four Seasons Ritz is even more spectacular. The service is pristine and with its brand new facilities, hosting an event at the prestigious hotel is even more exclusive and delightful. 

Cascais is a coastal resort town in Portugal, located a stone’s throw from Lisbon.  The Cascais-Estoril breathtaking coast is dotted with scalloped bays, boasting sandy beaches and a busy marina.  Cascais and Estoril are known for their luxurious settings and European royalty connection.

The old town of Cascais is home to the medieval Fort of Our Lady of the Light and the Citadel Palace, a former royal retreat. Portuguese tiles– azulejo – can also be found throughout. The proximity to the Atlantic ocean creates a luminous backdrop for wedding photography and videography. 

top wedding venues in Cascais – Estoril

Forte da Cruz

Pousada de Cascais – Citadel

Hotel Palácio Estoril 

Forte da Cruz dates back to the 17th century and was designed as a defense fort to protect the capital from potential invasions. It was integrated in a line of coastal defense fortifications. The history of Forte da Cruz is intertwined with that of Portugal and our royal family, and other European royals.

Since the late 1800s, Forte da Cruz belongs to the same family and was recently made available for private events. It is a privileged venue as it offers full privacy, and a gorgeous view over the beach of Tamariz and the city of Cascais. 

The sunset from Forte da Cruz is simply breath-taking – perfect for a ceremony on a Summer day.  Marrying in Forte da Cruz is a truly magical affair!


Sintra is historically known as a longtime royal sanctuary, its forested terrain is studded with pastel-colored villas and palaces. The Moorish- and Manueline-style Sintra National Palace (Palácio da Vila) is distinguished by its dramatic twin chimneys and elaborate Portuguese tiles– azulejo. The hilltop 19th-century Pena National Palace is known for a whimsical design and sweeping views.

Sintra has its very own personality and ambiance– many describe it as unique, magical, whimsical, a perfect harmony between nature and architecture.  The town, or Vila, of Sintra is recognized as a UN World Heritage site.

It is not by chance that many of the weddings we plan tend to happen here– couples feel connected to the venue but also to the uniqueness of their surroundings. It is incredible to witness how engaged couples interact in this particular part of the world. Be ready to fall even more in love with each other!

top wedding venues in Sintra

Tivoli Palácio de Seteais

Penha Longa Resort

Casa dos Penedos

Palácio de Monserrate

Sintra has a historical connection with the Portuguese royal family, which explains why you can find so many beautiful palaces close-by. 

One of these royal palaces became a luxurious hotel, Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, where our most romantic couples tend to say “I do”. Its gardens are perfect for an unforgettable ceremony and its interior is fit for royalty. The best thing about Seteais is that you can hire the venue exclusively and you can have a full destination wedding surrounded by those whom you love the most, for as many days as you like.

The coordination of exotic styles found in Sintra changes the landscape into a rich world which offers surprises at every turn in the path, leading its visitors from one discovery to another. 

Penha Longa Resort boasts a fabulous 14th century monastery with a Catholic Church which can be used for a religious wedding ceremony, backed by a luxurious 5 star hotel. 

In Sintra there is a syncretism between nature and ancient monuments, villas and quintas with monasteries and chalets, which influenced the development of landscape architecture throughout Europe.

The Church of Our Lady of Health is beautiful and sits comfortably 120 people. When there is a choir singing it creates an intimate ambiance due to the exceptional acoustic that this Church possesses.

Penha Longa Resort offers the opportunity to host a completely private event – the entire monastery is yours for your wedding day! How wonderful is the garden for the cocktail?

The Noble Room features a magnificent vaulted ceiling with an impressive Portuguese azulejo panel and on the opposite side a great fireplace– made of ebony which was brought specifically to Portugal to build it.   

Penha Longa Resort is enveloped by nature and it dotted by ancient features that make it extra romantic, such as ruins and bridges.

Every corner becomes a opportunity to create gorgeous and unforgettable memories of your wedding day.

Casa dos Penedos is a historical villa located on the breathtaking hills of Sintra. This super romantic (and pink) manor was built in the 20th century by the famous Portuguese architect Raul Lino. It offers a unique view over Sintra and the venue itself has all sorts of charming areas– garden, greenhouse (perfect for a super romantic candle-lit reception), and fabulous architectural features. 

Palácio de Monserrate was born when Francis Cook, a rich 19th century British industrialist and a great art collector visited this fascinating part of the world. The masterpiece created by Francis Cook transformed Monserrate into what we see nowadays, including its exuberant gardens, which are home to exotic species sourced from all over of the world. Palácio de Monserrate represents a true ode to romantic architecture, so it is no surprise why couples want to celebrate their nuptials in such exquisite and romantic surroundings.


As the world’s most resplendent wedding destination location, Portugal’s deep cultural history, art, architecture, gastronomy, and hospitality is unmatched. Protected within a small territory, rolling green hills, majestic mountains, Mediterranean beaches, vibrant cities, and picturesque towns are easily reached and create an incredible wedding adventure. Discriminating couples can indulge in different ecosystems in one day, revelling in activities that set passions alight. With incredible cuisine and award-winning wines, dining in Portugal is marvellous. Historic wonders and architectural gems are astounding settings for wedding photography, creating unique and stunning memories. Marrying in Portugal is a truly magical affair.

Privileged to be based in Lisbon, Sublime Luxury Weddings are Portugal’s elite destination wedding specialists. We curate the finest venues and vendors for an impeccable wedding and an unsurpassed cultural experience. Our level of service and standard of excellence is unmatched, catering to your every need. Deeply rooted here in Portugal, our specialists are skilled at crafting a bespoke wedding experience expertly tailored to you. Whether you’re an adventurous spirit or refined in taste our exquisite bespoke destination weddings are elevated into extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  


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