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Luxurious Bespoke Destination Weddings
Europe is Your Oyster

Sublime Luxury Weddings specialises in lavish, bespoke destination weddings in Lake Como (Italy), France and Portugal. Based in sunny Lisbon, we have an extensive knowledge of the European luxury wedding market. With our privileged position in Europe, our destination weddings are extraordinary and beautiful. Our unmatched level of service achieves a standard of excellence that exceeds the expectations of the most discerning couples.

From wedding planning to event coordination, our immaculate taste is reflected in our curated selection of exquisite vendors and venues.

Sublime Luxury Weddings offer a range of services tailored exclusively to your taste. We cater our services to care for your every need. We’re committed to bringing your vision to life down to the tiniest detail.



We’re inspired by the entire process of planning destination experiences. Our bespoke, world-class services ensure you’re relaxed and pampered with an outstanding level of care. Situated in picturesque Lisbon, Portugal and planning destination weddings throughout Europe, our multi-day celebrations create once-in-a-lifetime moments not possible anywhere else. With our demanding attention to detail, your vision will culminate in a sublime wedding experience and culinary adventure.

If what you require is not listed, please contact us. Our custom events are designed specifically to your needs.


  • Management of the overall process and development of your wedding vision
  • Design and creativity across all touchpoints such as food, photography, music, venues, floral & stationery design, and production
  • Selection of vendors, venues, and hotels
  • management & negotiation of Contracts
  • Management of accommodation, travel arrangements, attractions, and activities
  • management and planning of budget
  • Management of vendor logistics, deliveries, set-up and take-down
  • On-site management and event execution
  • Orchestration of event, details, timelines, and vendors

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creating magical moments



Our Concept and Design services begin with a vision inspiration. We dedicate ourselves to capturing your essence and designing an experience that reflects you authentically. Our bespoke designs are customized to create unforgettable standout moments. We have our own in house Floral Design Team – with over 15 years’ of experience across the US, Canada, Latin America, and Europe, our Floral Designer will be delighted to offer you different floral decor possibilities for your wedding day.
Your wedding will be an enchanting dream of elegance and magical ambiance.


  • Concept and design curation
  • Concept and Design development tailored to your inspirations and wishes
  • FLORAL DESIGN to bring your wedding decor concept to life
  • Floral and CENTERPIECE designs and COLOR palettes
  • Floor plans, photos, videos and blueprints for your bespoke wedding and multi-day experience
  • Visualization of details including flowers, decor, venue, attractions, activities, and hotel
  • Lighting, installations, marquees, tables, floor and ceiling treatments
  • Props, furniture, bar, lounge, and accessory sketching
  • Linens, draperies, and additional design elements

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At Sublime Luxury Weddings, we deliver an unsurpassed level of service and standard of excellence. We’re thrilled to provide you with additional consultation meetings for a serene and enjoyable planning experience.

Available worldwide by video-call or in person.

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Marrying abroad can be difficult without support. Sublime Luxury Weddings is committed to providing a truly indulgent experience where your every need is met. Let our specialists arrange the necessary legalities to officially marry in Portugal. In most occasions you will require someone who is not partial to any of you and who can translate in real time in front of a notary, so all parties involved know at all times what is being said, so they can say “I do”- and that is recognized by Portuguese Law. This service is available only in Portugal.


Complete the contact form and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

  • (welcome drinks, dinner, day after brunch, BBQ, etc.)

love, Carolina



Ana and Carolina you went above and beyond, all your support made every single aspect of our day perfect! It would be silly not to have Sublime looking after one’s wedding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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