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Sublime Luxury Weddings is Ana Varela Cid and Carolina d’Almada.

As close childhood friends, Ana and Carolina were recognised for their natural gifts and talents. Their meticulous preparation and effortless elegance were prized by friends and family. Passionate and inspired, Ana and Carolina combined to create a formidable wedding team, earning distinction for their unrivalled designs.


Ana has always possessed a keen interest in design and decor. Her instinct and eye for detail have received accolades and rave reviews. Ana’s natural talents first led her to corporate event planning and soon transitioned to the creation of bespoke wedding experiences.

Though she holds a Bachelor of Science in Law, Ana’s true passion lies in weaving the dreams of couples in love. Inspired by beauty in all its forms, design and decor are her canvas.  A true artist, she creates sensory experiences with ambience and magical charm.

Ana is energised by her family, nature, travelling, parties, and gastronomy. She enjoys ballet dancing, the cinema and theatre.


Carolina has always had an eye for design and decor. Adored and recognised for her refined style and taste, Carolina crafts unusually breathtaking experiences. Her painstaking attention to detail creates an enchanting aesthetic unique to the couples she works with. Bringing dreamscapes to life, Carolina’s designs are stunning, exceptional, and unmatched.   

In 2012 Carolina took the Project Management and Corporate Event Planning world by storm. Based in London, her instinct for elegance evolved into remarkable wedding experiences.

Carolina holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Her deep insights into human nature allow her to capture the client’s true essence; constructing a unique wedding that expresses the couple authentically.

Carolina is inspired by travelling, jazz, ballet, gardening and cooking for friends and family. A nature-lover, she also finds joy in safaris, and the ocean.  


With experience that spans both creativity and logistical excellence, both Ana and Carolina understand the nuances of international luxury.

With impeccable taste, and an eye for detail that is unsurpassed, Sublime Luxury Weddings will serve your destination wedding needs. Both Ana and Carolina are multi-lingual, speaking Portuguese and English fluently. 

Sublime Luxury Weddings bring their creative genius and Rolodex of the freshest, most desired wedding vendors in Portugal and Europe to your wedding planning.

Let’s begin planning the wedding of your dreams.

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Ana and Carolina your work completely surpassed our expectations, you were relentless and were there for us every step of the way. Thank you for making our day so special!




Thank you so much for all your help, we couldn’t have made it so beautiful and special without you!


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