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How To Create A Sublime European Destination Wedding

Considering a destination wedding to whisk yourself away? Look no further than the most enchanting and romantic European destination to exchange your vows– dazzling and radiant Portugal. Quickly becoming the most coveted location for luxury destination weddings, Portugal is rich in antiquity, delicious gastronomy, and enchanting natural beauty. From the Algarve’s breath-taking turquoise water and sun-streaked beaches to the white-capped domes of exalted castles, Portugal offers the world’s finest venues, vendors, and activities for a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your guests.

Although destination weddings have been popular in the past, bespoke luxury options were difficult to find. Itineraries and packages that leave little room for customisation set the standard for weddings abroad. As the landscape evolves, new destination wedding trends are emerging allowing couples to truly build the wedding celebration of their dreams. Become inspired by the top 4 destination wedding trends for not just an exquisite wedding, but an authentic and memorable cultural adventure.



As Portugal’s premier wedding specialists, Sublime Luxury Weddings has noticed a significant shift. Discerning couples are having smaller, more intimate weddings surrounded by those they love. No longer are estranged extended family required invitations. Today’s couples are focused on creating truly remarkable experiences for cherished and lasting memories with those they feel most bonded. Authentic kinship, true friendship, and loving relationships are honoured with invitation requests. Instead of  lists of 150-200 guests, couples are opting for intimate gatherings of 20-80 close friends and family only.

Though guest lists are smaller, the bridal party and groomsmen are growing in size. Since couples are only inviting their most prized loved ones to share in their love, more of the guests take part in the wedding festivities. In some cases, everyone fills a special role for the bride and groom– creating a genuine ambience of heart-warming joy and delight.

With a more intimate guest list, couples can focus on every detail of the celebration. Exceptional food and wine, impeccable decor, and stunning locales become stand out moments to be prolifically documented by photographers and visual artists. Sharing an extraordinary holiday and wedding celebration with those you hold most dear naturally becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone.



As wedding parties are becoming more intimate, couples prefer to host their guests at the wedding venue.  As such, ample wedding venues with superb accommodation, offering a plethora of spaces and experiences, and that can be hired exclusively for the wedding are on high demand.

Hiring a venue exclusively allows for family and friends to get together and celebrate, with no other guests around, creating a relaxed and intimate environment.

Private transfers and shuttles to and from the airport (or to visit fabulous places, such as castles or wine cellars) to transport your guests can be hired exclusively and be fully customized, making your guests feel extra special and safe from the very moment they arrive in Portugal for your wedding. 



A destination wedding with your closest friends and family is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the past, these multi-day celebrations were confined to a single resort, but destination wedding trends are changing. Bespoke and incomparable vacations are now setting a new standard of excellence. Couples are delving deep into the local destination culture to curate an enchanting and unparalleled adventure.

Portugal is quickly becoming the most sought-after wedding destination globally. Nestled within a small territory, historic architecture, delectable cuisine, world-class arts, leisure, and natural wonders are a stone’s throw away from each other. Soak in the sun on white sandy beaches, then sip world-famous Port at an exclusive private villa. From incredible palaces, sumptuous spas, urban art, flamenco dances, and magical valleys, all can be combined for a cultural adventure that engages your heart’s passions.

Couples are now curating experiences full of authenticity and individuality. Together, with your loved ones, you can explore the beauty and charm of one of the oldest places on Earth, and celebrate your declaration of love. At Sublime Luxury Weddings, we specialise in creating these exquisitely bespoke multi-day vacations for a unique and culturally vibrant atmosphere.



delicious cultural experiences



The most impactful destination wedding trend is in planning a truly unique multi-day adventure; a holiday that reflects the couple entirely. Couples are proudly displaying their unique personalities, passions, and styles. From delicious menus, entertainment, flowers, decor, and destination excursions, every tiny detail expresses the true essence of the couple. At Sublime Luxury Weddings, we enable our couples to weave their personal love stories into breath-taking creations. Using their inspirations and aspirations we curate an impeccable celebration that is unique in every sense.

Heartfelt, handwritten vows, long speeches from loved ones, children and beloved pets lend a touch of the personal to the destination wedding. Bypassing traditional elements like favours for interactive food and wine tasting stations or escort cards for open seating tailor the wedding to your tastes. Unexpected entertainment such as traditional fado music, salsa dancers, and roaming artistry add a thrilling dimension to the event. Couples are also spoiling their guests with gifts from each experience on their journey together, to commemorate each unforgettable shared moment. Sublime Luxury Weddings offers an unsurpassed level of service to customise your destination wedding so it encapsulates you perfectly.  


Current destination wedding trends have developed and expanded from years past. Couples are prioritising the experience of the destination with authenticity, personalisation, and intimacy. At Sublime Luxury Weddings, our specialists create bespoke experiences for true sensory events; elevating your celebration into a once-in-a-lifetime, incredible adventure. Whether you prefer the intimacy of an exclusive estate and vineyard, or the palatial majesty of a castle, Portugal offers the best the world has to offer. As Portugal’s finest purveyors of destination weddings, we offer couples of refined tastes a luxurious and extraordinary multi-day wedding celebration.



Our wedding was beyond our wildest dreams, every little detail was looked after – we had the most incredible team orchestrated by Sublime. We’re so grateful to have had the Sublime team by our side after we got engaged until the last day of our 3 day wedding! A very special “obrigado” to Carolina for making a 3 day destination wedding the smoothest thing ever! We will treasure these special memories forever.



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